Eyewear that best suits you in Tulsa, OK

For high performance and high fashion
Choice and more choice. South Tulsa Optical in Tulsa, OK gives you a variety of excellent choices in eyewear. We have something that will suit your style, while at the same time giving you incredible vision correction. Our vast selection includes fashion frames and a wide variety of prescription sunglasses too. Our eyewear products and services can help you get clear vision again. The best solutions and the right advice are right here in Tulsa.


Glasses aren't just about your eyes. They're also about your features and appearance. That's what frames are for. And that's why we provide an exclusive variety and selection of fashionable and high performing models, designs and styles for you. And at affordable prices! Come in today for professional advice on frames and eyewear in Tulsa.
South Tulsa Optical Showroom


South Tulsa Optical offers the lenses to give you clear vision again. If you want professional advice on the best solution for correcting your eyesight, then call us in Tulsa today. Our selection of lenses and our expert team can help. Find lenses for all tasks, including transition lenses and prescription scuba masks. Choose from bifocals, tough polycarbonate, polarized lenses and many more.


Prescription or non-prescription? We've got both. Come in today for expert advice on the right pair for you. You may want to wear your prescription eyewear during summer instead of your normal glasses. That's why we have an excellent variety of prescription sunglasses to maintain eye health and clear vision. Look great, too. Call for the best brands and different designs and styles.
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